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The Lost Art of Improvising Music

April 22, 2013


As a beginner musician who is completely self-taught I am always looking for guidance on how I should practice and what skills I should focus on to become a well-rounded musician.  When one of my readers directed me towards a study by Gary McPherson, a music professional that researches deliberate practice and music, I pored […]

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Also

April 15, 2013


I find it amazing and motivating that humans continue to push the envelope of performance in every domain year after year.  I was doing some research on deliberate practice and music and I came across this quote (emphasis mine): Recently we investigated historical changes in music performance by focusing on the complexity of performed music.  […]

Choose Your Own Adventure… I Mean Blog Post

August 8, 2012


There has been a lot going on around here lately and I have experienced some serious highs and lows.  I have so many thoughts and stories and lessons I want to share that I don’t even know where to start.  That is why I am turning to you, my Most Loyal Readers.   Please vote […]