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My Plan to Fix My Writing Routine and Stop Sucking

June 10, 2013


My recent post “Why I Quit Reading For 45 Days” sucked.  I wrote the post under time pressure and as the deadline approached I had to stop writing and start editing even though I knew it was in poor shape.  As soon as I hit publish I felt regret, shame, and disappointment. I started this […]

10 Topics to Inspire Your Daily Writing

June 6, 2012


About 7 months ago I set a Beeminder goal to write 750 words a day.  Since then I have written 135,000 words!   When I set that goal I thought it would force me to write material for this blog on a more regular basis.  While much of the material posted here has come from […]

Who Do You Envy?

May 16, 2012


If you are trying to figure out what type of work will make you happy then it is useful to pay attention to feelings of envy.  Feelings of envy can give you insight into what drives you. Who do I envy? I am envious of thinkers.  Not just any type of thinker.  Specifically, thinkers with […]

This Blogging Business is Hard!

March 14, 2012


I started this blog to force me to write more frequently and at a level that was good enough to post publicly.  I thought that was the skill I would be developing.  I didn’t anticipate how much of a learning experience building and managing the blog itself would be. Recently my site was hacked.   I […]

Beeminder – Holding me accountable

February 20, 2012


I just got back from vacation and I was welcomed by this screen: I had failed to meet my goal to write one blog post a week.  I had gone off the road.  In order to reactivate my graph and data I will need to pledge $10.  Next time I miss my goal Beeminder will […]

Getting the Words Out

October 26, 2011


Lately I have been having this strong urge to become a writer.  The urges are so strong that I have considered throwing my entire livelihood and career out the window to chase this dream.  Well, that isn’t too crazy you might say.  Many writers through caution to the wind and followed their dream and achieved […]

First blog post ever. Well sort of.

July 28, 2011


It is 2011 and I am just getting into this whole blogging thing.  Do you think I am a slow adopter?  Technically this isn’t actually my first blog.  I did start a blog about kitesurfing on blogger which I maintained for about a month before it died on the vine.  The truth is that writing […]