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Spaced Repetition: How to Learn Anything and Never Forget it

October 29, 2012


What if I told you that there was a learning technique that would allow you to learn almost anything in seconds a day and never forget it.  Would you be interested?  Can you believe that this technique has been around for almost a century yet lies in obscurity? Spaced repetition refers to a learning technique […]

How to Cram for a Math or Engineering Exam in 24 Hours

September 24, 2012


Seeing as how I write a lot about deliberate practice and appear to be pretty disciplined and routine in my approach you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I was a Biomedical Engineering major in college.  I think you would be surprised to find out that I rarely went to class and regularly pulled […]

Digging Deeper on Dan Spitz: Master Guitarist and Watchmaker

September 17, 2012


This is the Biography of a man who not only left his band when they were still on top, selling millions of Cd’s, countless platinum albums, platinum video’s, platinum movie soundtracks as well as three Grammy nominations for music he co-wrote and co-produced , but who left music in his past and didn’t turn back. […]

Sensory Overload: How Your Brain Triages Information

August 15, 2012


What do you really hear? The other day I was listening to music in the car and a familiar song came on.  I had heard this song a hundred times before but this time it sounded different.  I could hear each pick movement as it was occurring.  Down…Down…Down-Up…Up-Down-Up…Down.  I could hear as the musician progressed […]

3 Lessons Skiing Taught Me About Learning

July 4, 2012


Beginning of the Story I learned how to ski as an adult.  I had been a couple times in my teens but it was sporadic and I wasn’t physically or mentally prepared to really learn the sport.  In my early twenties my roommate and best friend Pete agreed to teach me how to ski. I […]