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Interleaved Practice: A Secret Enhanced Learning Technique

April 29, 2013


Have you ever heard of interleaved practice? If you had asked me the same question a week ago I wouldn’t have known what you were talking about. In fact I was stumped when my Dad asked me what it was and since I thought he said “interweaved” I struggled to find an answer on Google. […]

Grit Your Teeth to Achieve Success?

April 8, 2013


Are you the type of person who starts working on a project passionately only to abandon it weeks later when something else catches your attention?  Did you have trouble choosing your major in college or settling on a career path?  Do you struggle to stay motivated when you encounter boredom, challenges or setbacks on a […]

Digging Deeper on Dan Spitz: Master Guitarist and Watchmaker

September 17, 2012


This is the Biography of a man who not only left his band when they were still on top, selling millions of Cd’s, countless platinum albums, platinum video’s, platinum movie soundtracks as well as three Grammy nominations for music he co-wrote and co-produced , but who left music in his past and didn’t turn back. […]

Sensory Overload: How Your Brain Triages Information

August 15, 2012


What do you really hear? The other day I was listening to music in the car and a familiar song came on.  I had heard this song a hundred times before but this time it sounded different.  I could hear each pick movement as it was occurring.  Down…Down…Down-Up…Up-Down-Up…Down.  I could hear as the musician progressed […]

Stop Moving the Goalposts

July 18, 2012


We have all done it You lose 5 lbs successfully and then set a goal to lose 10 more. You finish the half-marathon and then sign up for the marathon. You stop drinking sugar drinks and then decide to quit all carbohydrates. It seems like we are hard-wired to keep pushing and striving after any […]

I Don’t Know How To Do That

June 13, 2012


I hear people saying things like this all the time:           I don’t know how to cook.           I don’t know how to speak Spanish.            I don’t know how to play guitar. and it makes me wonder, Have you lost the ability to learn as […]

Why Do We Place Our Happiness in the Future?

April 3, 2012


Have you ever been asked what you would do if you won the lottery?  Or what you plan on doing when you retire? Both questions are supposed to help you flush out what makes you happy, or at least what you think would make you happy.  The basic idea being that if you didn’t have […]

Practice makes perfect

February 3, 2012


I just finished reading Guitar Zero, the story of a cognitive psychologist who tries to learn guitar at 40.  After reading the book I scoured the web for reviews of the book and interviews with Gary Marcus.  I found that people were really curious whether an adult could learn a musical instrument, and furthermore whether […]

Cognitive Dissonance

January 27, 2012


It was the mid-nineties and I had just finished reading Our Stolen Future and learning about the hormone mimicking chemicals ripping through our entire food chain.  There wasn’t a human left on earth that wasn’t contaminated by these chemicals that should only be found inside transformers, plastics and industrial processes. The researchers went looking for […]

Who wants to be a Master? I want to be Good Enough!

January 4, 2012


A couple months ago I started thinking about how much time I had invested in Kitesurfing, Downhill Skiing, and Indoor Rock-Climbing.  These are sports where I had gone from novice to intermediate/advanced over a couple years.  They were also sports that many people thought were cool but very difficult to learn. I went through each […]