300 Hours of Deliberate Practice on Guitar

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Over twenty months ago I set a goal to practice guitar 400 hours in 2 years.  I recently completed my 300th hour of deliberate practice and I have recorded and edited another video to track my progress.

Over the last 50 hours I focused on improving my sight-reading abilities and practicing barre chords (My Daily Guitar Practice Routine).  I started back on page 1 of my Hal Leonard Method book and I erased all the notes I had penciled in beneath the musical notation.  I started using the metronome fanatically and would only increase the speed once I could played an exercise clean.

I made quick progress through the early sections but quickly hit a wall as I encountered exercises I had skipped earlier.  I touched on one such challenge in my post Diagnosing and Resolving a Problem Using Deliberate Practice.

Throughout my practice sessions I utilized Interleaved Practice by always having a number of exercises in rotation and switching as soon as I felt myself getting in a groove and continued to utilize Deliberate Practice techniques almost every time I picked up my guitar.  This lead to some very frustrating practice sessions but I found that I was able to make steady progress through the lesson book.

While editing this video I noticed a couple improvements since the last video I recorded.  Since I have been practicing with a metronome and recorded this session with a metronome I can definitely hear the steadiness of the rhythm.  I also noticed that the volume and tone of each note is much more consistent in this recording than in prior ones.  Finally, I made much fewer errors during the recording session and it was more difficult to pick the “best” version for many of the tunes.

Overall I am pleased with the progress I made in the last 50 hours and I am looking forward to the next 50.  If you have any questions about this project, my approach to learning guitar, or any other related topic please leave them in the comments.

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