Are You Busy Enough?

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Every minute of my weekdays are accounted for from the moment I climb out of bed at 5:30 till I finally lay down to sleep at 10:00 at night.  Here is my regular schedule in case you are wondering where the time goes:

5:30-5:50    Shower and shave
5:50-6:30    Prepare breakfast and pack lunches for wife and kids
6:30-7:00    Drink coffee and write
7:00-7:30    Practice guitar
7:30-8:00    Get kids ready for daycare and wife and kids out the door
8:00-8:15    Get dressed for work
8:15-9:00    Commute to work
9:00-12:00  Work
12:00-1:00  Gym
1:00-4:30    Work
4:30-5:15    Commute home
5:15-5:45    Pickup kids from daycare
5:45-6:45    Prepare dinner
6:45-7:30    Dinner with wife and kids
7:30-8:00    Wash dishes
8:00-8:45    Relax with wife and kids
8:45-9:00    Prepare kids for bed
9:00-9:15    Read stories or feed baby
9:15-9:45    Relax with wife
9:45-10:00  Get ready for bed

Given that a normal day is already packed to the brim you can imagine how I felt when I find out that I have to take a last minute business trip that is going to chew up three full weekdays.  Not only do I have to squeeze five days of work and personal obligations into two but I also have to:

  • Prepare two nights of dinners for my family in advance
  • Pack and prepare for the business trip
  • Build three days of safety buffer on my guitar Beeminder
  • Pack for our upcoming weekend camping trip

After spending the requisite time wallowing in self-pity, I got to work.  Because lets face it, I don’t have any time to waste.  Tonight I cooked and cleaned up three dinners in the time that it normally takes me to do one, banged out this blog post in half the time it normally takes, and am confident that I will somehow squeeze everything else in over the next 48 hours.

People always claim that they don’t have enough time.  To cook their own food, exercise regularly, spend time with their family or learn a new skill.  I have experienced both extremes.  Having a wide open schedule with minimal commitments and a packed schedule with no wiggle room.  I have always found that I am the most productive and efficient when my plate is full.

So if you have ever said “I am too busy,”  then maybe you really need to ask yourself, “Am I busy enough?”

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