My First Two Fans… I Mean Readers

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I just finished writing a response to a comment and I turned to my wife and said excitedly “I have my first two fans!” before quickly correcting myself and saying “readers.”

Jerome has commented here, here and here.  and Milt has commented one other time.  That means that they are repeat visitors, readers and commentators (is that a word?) on my blog.  How cool is that?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love and appreciate all the comments I have received from friends and family.  Every time someone shows up and leaves a comment I get a little boost to keep publishing and sharing my writing.

But somehow it is different with Jerome and Milt.  For some reason their comments lend legitimacy to this whole project.  They didn’t show up at my site because they love me or are interested in what Jake is up to.  They found the blog organically (I assume) and have kept coming back for some reason.

It is OK that Jerome seems to actually dislike me and/or disagree with most of what I write.  His comments force me to think about my writing from a different perspective.

It is cool that Milt doesn’t understand why I would only want to be “Good Enough” at guitar.  That inspires me to think about how I can present my case more clearly.

I hope that Jerome and Milt continue to read and comment on my posts and that over time more and more readers engage with the site.  I will do my best to reply to comments in a timely fashion and to address any questions you may have for me.

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