Who Do You Envy?

Posted on May 16, 2012 by


If you are trying to figure out what type of work will make you happy then it is useful to pay attention to feelings of envy. 

Feelings of envy can give you insight into what drives you.

Who do I envy?

I am envious of thinkers.  Not just any type of thinker.  Specifically, thinkers with a platform of influence.  When I watch a TED talk and it is being given by someone who wrote a book or popularized a new idea I am envious.  I want to be on that stage.  I want to have something to share.  I want to add value to the world with my ideas.

What got them there?

The backgrounds of these people vary.  They didn’t necessarily go to the best schools or start a business.  They aren’t particularly beautiful or athletic.  They didn’t receive advanced degrees or slave away in a lab for twenty years.

Most of them just combed through all the information available on a topic and reshaped it in a  way that was palatable to people right now.  They took powerful and interesting ideas and communicated them effectively through writing and speaking.

How will I get there?

I realize that most of these people invested many hours developing their writing, speaking and thinking skills.  That for many of them their influence was earned over many years.

So that is what I am doing.  I am practicing and learning the skills of writing and thinking that will allow me to achieve that success.  To write and create a body of work that people will  want to hear about.

This blog is my first steps towards building that platform.  I don’t plan on placing ads all over the site.  I don’t plan on injecting my blog posts full of affiliate links.  I don’t need to make money from this blog.

The point of this blog is practice writing and to build a tribe of like-minded individuals. 

These are the topics that excite me to write weekly:

  • learning new skills: languages, musical instruments, or a new sport
  • improving your life through personal experimentation and self-tracking
  • understanding how your brain works and how you can hack it to gain advantages

These are the topics that I read about on other blogs and in books continuously.  If those sound interesting to you I hope you will add my site to your RSS feed or leave a comment on your favorite article.

How about you?  Who do you envy?  Have you made a plan to convert that envy into action?