Damn it feels good to be a Daddy

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“Daddy!” Lily screams out excitedly as I walk into the playroom. She is bounding across the room on a sit n’ bounce ball. Her legs are just long enough to allow her to balance but she looks like she could topple at any moment. She is loving it. Smiling and giggling as she bounds around the room.

A little boy is crying and his mother is comforting him, “Henry , it is Lily’s turn. You need to share.”

I watch Lily make a couple more rounds before I say to her, “Lily, now it is time to give Henry a turn.” She looks up and makes eye contact but then continues bouncing around the room.

I quickly drop to one knee, grab her arm and inches from her face calmly repeat, “Lily, it is Henry’s turn. You need to give the ball to Henry.” A half beat later she swings her leg over the ball, grabs it by the handle and walks right over and hands it to Henry.

No fuss, no crying, no sulking.

Damn, it feels good to be a Daddy

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