Getting the Words Out

Posted on October 26, 2011 by


Lately I have been having this strong urge to become a writer.  The urges are so strong that I have considered throwing my entire livelihood and career out the window to chase this dream.  Well, that isn’t too crazy you might say.  Many writers through caution to the wind and followed their dream and achieved success.  As long as you believe in yourself it may be worth taking a risk.


That is the fundamental problem.  I don’t know if I am capable because I haven’t tried to apply myself yet.  I know that I am afraid to start producing, afraid that I am not going to be a great writer, afraid that everything I write will be ordinary or even worse.  Then I remind myself that in order to become a writer I have to actually write.  Seems so simple when you say it, but to practice it is a whole different game.


Right now I am learning how to play guitar and I try to remind myself of the parallels between learning and perfecting any skill.  I was given the guitar for my birthday in February and I have managed to practice about fifty hours over the last eight months.  That is an average of 12.5mins  a day.  In that amount of time I have made definite improvements since day one, but I am still very much in the beginner phase.  In the past I have found 400 hours to be a reasonable amount of time to invest in a new skill to achieve “good enough.”


When  I recollect on my writing experiences in my past they are limited and loaded with stress.  A couple journaling and letter writing periods that quickly fizzled.  Late night efforts to finish research papers, college essays, and lab reports.  Inspiration to write those pieces always came when I was under pressure and against a timeline.   Cumulative I may have one hundred hours of writing practice but it has been spread out over the last two decades.  Not exactly  focused practice.


One goal of this website is to have a public outlet to get some words down on paper.  Over time, like my guitar playing, I hope that it will sound better.