First blog post ever. Well sort of.

Posted on July 28, 2011 by


It is 2011 and I am just getting into this whole blogging thing.  Do you think I am a slow adopter?  Technically this isn’t actually my first blog.  I did start a blog about kitesurfing on blogger which I maintained for about a month before it died on the vine.  The truth is that writing is HARD.  It is tough for me to wrap my mind around that because reading is so EASY.  Besides coming to the obvious realization that writing, editing and posting any content, never mind interesting content, was going to be really challenging I also quickly realized that while I enjoy Kitesurfing immensely, I didn’t necessarily enjoy writing about it.

Now I have discovered a topic that I am truly passionate about… ME.  Just kidding.  While this blog is going to be about my personal thoughts and experiences, it is really just practice for a blog that I am developing focused on the Self-Tracking movement.  Google it if you aren’t familiar.  It is going to be huge and unlike blogging which I am about 10 years late the self-tracking community is in its early stages and I want to be a part of shaping it.